Wisconsin Artists

Wisconsin Artists
Karl Priebe
Lady with Pink 1957
Karl Priebe is one of Wisconsin’s most well known artists and the only one to have received the Prix de Rome in 1941. Unlike other Wisconsin artists who are only viewed as regionalist, Priebe is universally known. While often cited for his depictions of exotic animals- he spent many days at the Milwaukee County Zoo while studying at the now defunct Layton School of Art -some of his greatest works were African American subjects including Billie Holliday and Dizzy Gillespie.
The work pictured here Lady with Pink is a quintessential Priebe image capturing his sitter in period attire and holding a single flower while gazing almost bemusedly at the viewer or perhaps the artist himself.
Priebe’s images are suprisingly affordable at auction considering the quality his work and are likely to become more desirable over time.
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