Andy Warhol and the Art of Voyeurism through Polaroid

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” (1968)

One of the most seminal artists and self promoting art marketeers of the 20th century; Andy Warhol utilized instant photography not only to capture the world around him but to emphasize that he and we as humans are the ultimate voyeurs. Beginning in the 1950s and until his death in 1987 Warhol carried a polaroid camera with him capturing his friends, random events, celebrities and himself. While some images are generic and emote little emotion from the viewer others are fascinating as they draw us into staring at the image perhaps making us feel that we are peeping through a keyhole into the private life of the subject. Most of these images depict the individual seemingly unaware of Warhol, motivating the viewer to speculate that subjects life and mood at the time. These images are very collectible and depending on the subject and the presence or absence of Warhol’s signature can sell from as little as $200 to in excess of $15,000. As a result, collectors would be wise to consider accumulation of these images when they appear at auction.

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